Find your Perfect Infographic here

Find your Perfect Infographic here

Information graphics or infographics are a visual representation of information,data or knowledge which can be used to display the most complex information quiet easily. Even though the term ‘infographic’ is a new one, the concept of displaying information in the form of graphs has been around for a long time.These are the 5 best steps to creating the perfect infographic:

01. Let the data tell its story:

Inorder to effectively reach the target audience, it must be three things: compelling, credible and controversial. To seek maximum attention it must be compelling and stand apart from all other available data. Ask yourself: “Will the desired audience find this interesting?” The data also must come from a competent, credible source. Finally, controversy is always good. If the data you choose can elicit a response from your readers, you’ve won.

02. Determine purpose and audience:

Knowing your audience should be the important factor in directing and determining the purpose of the graphic you’re choosing to produce. To succeed you’ll need to know the client, market and media landscape to decide opportunity areas to connect with the pre-determined receptive audience.

03. Construct an engaging narrative:

When building a narrative around data, remember: it’s not how big your numbers are, it’s how you use them. Your information is only as good as your ability to connect with your readers, so remember who they are, what beliefs they hold about your topic, what they already know about it, where they’re reading your infographic, how easily they could be distracted, and how they want to be seen in their social circles based on content they share.